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Six Kalimas

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Cute Islam
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Post By: Muhammad Saleem Ahsan

Quraan Pak In (PDF)

Security When Kaaba Door Open


Security When Kaaba Door Open

Holly Kaba

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Holly Kaba
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Post By: Muhammad Amin

Ramadhan is Coming......Are You Ready?

Success i whatever we do depeds o how clear we are o the objectives we wat to achieve ad how well we pla for it. Eve a recreatioal activity such as goig o a vacatio takes much plaig. It is ot feasible for a perso to simply just get up ad depart to a vacatio destiatio without plaig, especially if oe wats to have a good vacatio or recreatioal activity. For example, if oe is goig to Disey World, usually plaig is doe moths i advace for the trip. I additio to makig travelig ad accommodatio arragemets, people cosult frieds, read literature ad research o how to get the most beefit while there. Time ad effort is spet decidig which rides ad sites to visit, i what order ad at what times of the day so that oe ca get the maximum beefit at miimum cost i a reasoable time. People make sigificat efforts to pla the trip because it meas so much to them to make such a trip.
This Ramadhaan, I will be exceptioally charitable. My heart will be ameliorated ad my purse will be widely opeed, whe tears fill my eyes o seeig, hearig or thikig of the scees of devastatio, disease, starvatio, agoy, displacemet, killigs, blow up bodies ad severed limbs of poor, helpless people caused by ma-made disasters as i Afghaista, Palestie, Iraq, Chechya ad Kashmir or by atural disasters as i ew Orleas or i the areas hit by Tsuami. I will sed all my Zakaah for their help right at the begiig of Ramadhaan through trustworthy Islamic charities. I additio to my Zakaah, I will pay whatever I ca spare from my family's ecessities for helpig those i dire eed. If I have bee payig my Zakaah to my relatives, this Ramadhaan, I will help my relatives from my other savigs ad resources, so that I ca pay Zakaah to the victims of state terrorism or atural disasters. I will avoid spedig moey o my home decoratio or gettig ew clothes for 'Eed or buyig more video games ad toys for my childre, so that those who are i more eed tha me ad my family ca be helped. I will eve pay my Fitrah very early i Ramadhaan so that it ca reach those displaced from their homes before 'Eed ad before the weather becomes too cold.
If I am a uiversity studet whose fial exams are fallig i Ramadhaan, my act of worship is to do my utmost best to study hard ad get the best possible results, give that ay momet that is ot spet o studyig is ot spet i ay other pursuit except i the remembrace of Allaah or study of the Quraan. While travellig to/from or withi campus or while takig a break from studies, I will automatically shift to remembrace of Allaah or recitatio of the Quraan. For my studies, I will keep timigs that are cosistet with the spirit of Ramadhaan, i.e. sleep early ad get up very early. Istead of stayig up late at the risk of missig Suhoor or Fajr, I will adjust my body clock to Islamic lifestyle istead of the wester lifestyle. Whe I get up to study at 2 or 3 AM, I will start with two Raka'at of Tahajjud ad the cotiue with my studies. After Fajr, I will still sped 15-20 miutes o the study of Tafseer eve o exam days.
Taqwa is the source of all virtues ad goodess. It is the catalyst that reforms a perso from iside. Oce a perso's paradigm shifts geuiely towards Taqwa, he embarks o a path of cotiuous self-improvemet. He moitors his ow thoughts, motives ad actios to esure that they remai pure ad aliged with the guidace of Islam. He becomes motivated, eager ad ethusiastic to do good, or rather excel, i his ethics, morals, dealigs, huma relatios, ad every aspect of his coduct i day to day life. He tries his best to avoid ay bad behaviour i ay affairs of life. Good actios please him. Mistakes give him axiety, i which case he immediately repets, seeks Allaah's forgiveess ad makes up for them by doig more good. He loves Allaah's creatios ad cares for them. He becomes geerous, gracious, forgivig ad kid. He becomes a champio for the rights of the weak, eglected, disadvataged ad persecuted people of the society. He courageously stads up ad struggles for the establishmet of justice, fairess, equity ad equality of all people. He dedicates himself selflessly, ever expectig or acceptig ay thig or ay beefit i retur because his goal is Allaah's pleasure, mercy ad forgiveess.
Post By: Zubia Kiran


Assalamu Alaikkum,

1 . The most pious and spiritual grave yard of the world is called, "Jannat-ul-Baqqi" where a number of companions (RA), wives daughters and other family members of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam are lying to rest. In the time of Prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam live hood, this grave yard was thought to be out side the Madina city but after the vast extension,now it has now come just adjacent to Masjid-e-Nabvi. If you come out from Masjid-e-Nabvi, through Baqqi Gate, or Jibrael (AH) Gate you will see few yards ahead a boundary wall at a little height. This is JANNAT -UL -BAQQI'S wall. Stairs are made to reach at the height.
2 . Men can visit this grave yard going inside but ladies are not allowed even to go up near the wall of the graveyard. Ladies must present their Salaam outside Baqqi. Baqqi is very clean and tidy grave yard. No bush and tree is there. All the graves are made of mud. No concrete constructions over the graves are made. Pavement and passages are made for easy walking but there is no sign over the graves have been given to know the name of the buried personality. Some guides (Moaleems) tell about graves. Squared boundary of half feet high has been built around all prominent graves
Click On Image For Large View
view of holy cemetery -Madina
3 . People must visit this grave yard with great respect as many great personalities are lying to rest here.
4 . When you enter inside "Baqqi", a few feet ahead, slightly on your right you will see the graves of the daughters of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam.Three daughters named syeda umm-e-kulsoom, syeda Ruqiya and syeda zainab RaddiAllah ho ta'ala anhuma are buried here. Few steps ahead you may find nine graves of the wives of Prophet (S. A. W.) including syeda ayesha Radi Allah ho talla anha.These graves are combined. After entering in baqqi cemetery , if you take left turn and come to the corner near boundary wall you will find the grave of the closest aunt of Prophet (S. A. W.) syeda Safia (RA). If you walk straight you will find the grave of Prophet's ( S.A.W) little son Syedna Ibrahim (RA) . This is smaller grave in size and pilgrim may recognize it easily.if you take right turn just entering to jannat-ul-baqi you will find the grave of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalams' grand son Syedna Hasan (RA).He is buried alongwith other family members of the prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam. The graves of syedna Abbas (uncle of prophet) and other imams like syedna Baqar R.A and jafar sadiq R.A are also situated beside the grave of syedna Hasan radiAllah ho talla anho. The beloved daughter of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam and the lady of Janna (Heaven) "Fatima -ul-Zuhra (RA)"is also lying rest just adjacent to these graves. In the last, almost crossing whole the grave yard, you may find the grave of the most respectable personality of this grave yard, " Syedna Usman (RA)". Slightly in the left, a little before the grave of syedna usman RaddiAllah ho talla Anho, there is a grave of " Syeda Haleema (RA)" who fed Prophet (S. A. W.), when he was infant. The map of Baqqi Grave Yard will help you to locate the Graves exactly you want .( Consult Map below)
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A look of complete cemetery and passages of holy Madina Jannat-ul-baqqi
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Map and location chart of holy graves of holy companions and family members of Prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wsalam in janat-ul-Baqqi
Grave of Hazrat Ibrahim R.A.
(Son of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H.)
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He was beloved son of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalam. He passed away in his child hood. His mother was um-ul-momeeneen syeda maria qutbia who herself lying to rest in jannat-ul-baqqi
Grave of syedna 0sman R.A.
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This is the holy grave of 3rd caliph and beloved companion of Prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam. this grave is known as most sacred grave of jannat-ul-Baqqi
Grave of Hazrat Haleema R.A.
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Syeda Haleema sadia got honour to feed her milk to beloved prophet syedna Muhammad sallallaho allihi wasalam when he sallallalho allihi wasalam was handed over her. According to arabic custom an infant just after his birth had been handed over to a nurse or governess for better care in open and healthy atmosphere outside city. syeda Haleema sadia belonged to bnnu saad(saad family)
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Almost all the wives except syeda khateeja R.A are lying rest here in jannat-ul-baqi.
Ummul momeeneen bibi Ayesha siddiqa raddi Allaho talla anha
and syeda mariya qutbia raddi Allaho talla anha are also buried among these graves
Grave of Hazrat Safia R.A.
Click On Image For Large View
Syeda safia was the only confirmed aunt (fathers'sister) of prophet Muhammad sallallaho allihiwasalam who embraced islam. she used to love her nephew very much. she was brave woman. she was accompanied
with the soldiers of islam in the battle of uhad. she worked in this battle as a kind hearted nurse. she used to clean wounds and bandaged over them.she supplied and helped injured soldiers of islam to drink water in battle field.
Click On Image For Large View
on extreme left ----grave of syeda safia radiAllah o tala anha
in middle----- grave of atika
on right----grave of ummul-baiza
last two are also aunt of prophet sallallaho allihi wasalam.
it is said that they had also embraced islam in last stage but
it is not confirmed. There graves in jannat ul baqi may be
the proof that they had mighty accepted islam

Click On Image For Large View
These are the graves of beloved daughters of prophet Muhammad
ssallalla ho allihi wasalam
No1. syeda zainab R.A
No2. syeda umm-e-kulsoom R.A
No3.syeda Ruqayia R.A
(May Almighty Allah forgive me if there is some mistake in serial number of holy graves)
Click On Image For Large View
Here is the grave of syedna Hasan raddiAllah ho talla annho who was the beloved grand son of prophet Muhammad sallalla ho allihi wasalam.For syedna Hasan and syena hussain R.A, prophet salla ho allihi wasalam used to say that those are two flowers of heaven
Click On Image For Large View
This is the grave of syedna Abbas radi Allah ho talla anhoo----He was the one out of 2 uncles of prophet sallalla ho allihi wasalams'who embraced islam.Other one is seyedna Hamza R.A, who is buried in the battle field of uhad in madina munawarrah.
Click On Image For Large View
With All of My Love
Muhammad Saleem Ahsan

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem Font Download

1st Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem Font For Download
Islamic Fonts By IMRAN ALAM
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Islamic Fonts
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Q: How Can Install Any Font?


1. Go to start menu
2. Hit "RUN"
3. Type There " Fonts "
4. Press "OK"
5. Now Paste This File In Fonts Folder
6. Now Close All And Enjoy This Font This Font Relay Name So Please Al way Select www.Cuteislam.Blogspot.Com font whenever you want work with this Font in Any Software.

Thank You
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For Urdu Viwers

Q: Is font ko kis terhan Instal or Use kar Skatey hain?

  1. Sab se pehley Start Menu main jaen
  2. Ab " Run " par Click Karen
  3. Yahan aap Likhen " Fonts "
  4. Ab OK Par Click Karen
  5. Ab jo folder Fonts Nam seOpen Hoa Hai os main ye file paste kar den
  6. ab aap is font ko kahen bhi kisi bhi software par use kar saktey hain Is Font Ko main ne ka nam dia hai lehaza aap jab bhi is font se kam karna chahen to select karna na bholen.
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Türkçe İzleyiciler için

S: Herhangi bir Yazı Yükle'yi miyim?


1. Git menüsünü başlatmak için

2. Tıklayın "Çalıştır" için

3. Türü vardır "Fonts"

4. Basında "Tamam"

5. Şimdi Fontları Bu Dosya Yapıştır Klasör

6. Şimdi Tüm Kapat
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Pour les téléspectateurs français

Q: Comment installer une police?


1. Aller au menu de démarrage

2. Cliquez sur "Exécuter"

3. Il Type "Polices"

4. Appuyez sur "OK"

5. Maintenant, collez ce fichier dans le dossier Fonts

6. Maintenant, fermez toutes les
Et profiter de cette Font Font Cette Nom réel
Donc, S'il vous plaît Al façon Sélectionnez www.Cuteislam.Blogspot.Com
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vous voulez travailler avec des polices dans toute cette Software.

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Для российских Читатели

Q: Как можно установить любой шрифт?


1. Перейти в меню "Пуск"

2. Нажмите кнопку в "RUN"

3. Там типа "Fonts"

4. Нажмите "OK"

5. Теперь вставьте этот файл в папку Шрифты

6. Теперь Закрыть все
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1 。转到开始菜单

2 。点击“运行”

3 。类型有“字体”

4 。按下“确定”

5 。现在粘贴该文件的Fonts文件夹

6 。现在全部关闭

注:如果您喜欢这个字型因此请仅1时说: “ SUBHAN安拉”




1 。轉到開始菜單
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3 。類型有“字體”
4 。按下“確定”
5 。現在粘貼該文件的Fonts文件夾

6 。現在已接近全部享受此字體這個字型繼電器名稱

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1 。轉到開始菜單

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3 。類型有“字體”

4 。按下“確定”

5 。現在粘貼該文件的Fonts文件夾

6 。現在全部關閉

注:如果您喜歡這個字型因此請僅1時說: “ SUBHAN安拉”

Filipino para sa mga tumitingin

Q: Paano Anumang Font Install?


1. Pumunta sa magsimula menu

2. Upang i-click ang "Run"

3. Uri ng May "Font"

4. Pindutin ang "OK"

5. Ngayon Idikit Ang File Sa Font Folder

6. Ngayon Isara ang lahat ng
At magtamasa ito Font Ito Font Real Pangalan
Kaya Mangyaring Al paraan Piliin www.Cuteislam.Blogspot.Com
font kailanman
na gusto mo sa trabaho na ito Font sa Anumang Software.

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1 。 [移動]メニューを起動する

2 。をクリックして"実行"するには

3 。タイプは"フォント"

4 。を押して" OK "を

5 。現在のフォントではこのフォルダのファイルを貼り付けます。

6 。今すぐすべて閉じる


Noori MEhfil ...

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Jannat Ki Zamanat

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Hum Zinda Qaum Hain

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ASSALAM O ALAIKUM Part:2 + Azan (Islamic Glitter Images)

السَّلآمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ الله وبَرَكآتُه
With Azan

2nd 75 Images
(Islamic Glitter Images)


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