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Supplicate to Allah


Supplicate To ALLAH!

O Allâh, remove our polluted hearts and replace them

with the hearts of Your pious servants with the

blessings of Rasûlullâh Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

the Âmîn of the angels that carry the Throne, the

blessings of the Quran that has been completed here,

the blessings of Ramadhân and with Your mercy.

O Allâh, change the condition of our hearts.

Convert them from a sinful and disobedient nature

to one that is good.

Grant us the ability to have mercy on ourselves

by not committing sins secretly and not leaving evil environments.

Let us not strike our legs with an axe.

Let us fulfil the rights of the saints.

Grant us the ability to repent since we have

come to the door of the saints.

Grant us refuge from spoiling our nafs

in evil environments.

O Allâh, grant Akhtar, all of us, my friends,

our families, and all your families such Imân

and conviction that we sacrifice every moment

of our life for You and to please You.

We should never displease You.

Neither Akhtar, his children, his friends

nor their families should displease You.

Grant us Imân that will take us to the final stage

of the Auliyâ and Siddiqeen after which

prophethood begins.

O Allâh, you have closed the door of prophethood

but the door of the Auliyâ and Siddiqeen is still open.

Open the door of the Auliyâ and Siddiqeen for

all of us with Your mercy.

Take us to the final stage of the Auliyâ

and Siddiqeen with Your mercy.

You are Kareem and Kareem according to

the Muhadditheen is One who favours those

who are unworthy.

We are unworthy but You are worthy.

Be merciful to us, the unworthy ones.



Post By: Zubia Kiran

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